Arrays of TVs, cheap beers, and cocktails might be the norm for bars in the Allston area, but that’s precisely what you won’t find at The Glenville Stops. The tavern and restaurant on Glenville Avenue, which is targeting a late February opening, aims to provide an alternative to the typical Allston experience with a unique menu and a carefully curated selection of beers and wines.

“The vision is to be completely different from every other place in Allston,” says owner Fred Chapman. “We’d rather have people be comfortable than feel like they need to slug down some beers and watch the Bruins.” Chapman, who grew up in nearby Charlestown, envisions The Glenville Stops as the ideal neighborhood tavern for his current hometown of Allston. Comfort and ambiance factor into the space’s tasteful decoration and warm color scheme, designed entirely by Chapman and his father and the restaurant’s co-owner, Mike.

The Glenville Stops will offer a total of 20 beers on tap, ranging from local breweries to some obscure English choices. Five wines will be available from kegs, in addition to many more from the bottle. The Chapmans opted for a cocktail-free environment in order to focus on the beer and wine selections, which lends the space the feel of an English wine bar with a more inviting look, Mike Chapman says. “We’d rather do quality over quantity,” says Fred Chapman of the beverage selection. Executive chef Juan Pedrosa was responsible for designing the restaurant’s menu of Latin American-inspired cuisine.

Take an early look inside the space.

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