A practice space is more than just a semi-soundproof room. It’s a place in which a form of creative chemistry is born and nurtured. Sometimes it is decorated in show posters or Christmas lights, littered with empty beer cans and melted candle wax, or maybe it smells like incense, mildew, and weed. A band’s practice space might be its basement, its garage (does that really happen anymore though?), or in the case of many Boston bands, a shared practice space.

Studio 52, located in Allston, is one of those spots. A complex featuring practice room after practice room, the space hosts countless local bands like Big D and the Kids Table, Grass is Green, The Field Effect, and more. Studio 52, in its brief history, has already become a local staple, as much of a neighborhood hang or networking spot for musicians, as it is a place to practice. It’s a collaborative atmosphere, and a place that has, and will produce some of Boston’s best music. We took a trip to Studio 52 on a typical Wednesday night to check up on some of the bands rehearsing, and to take a look around the space itself.

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