What if somebody was there to capture that time in your life when you listened to Limp Bizkit? You would decline? I guess that’s not surprising. But almost 17 years after the band’s hit album “Three Dollar Bill, Yall$” was released, somebody is there capturing packed show after packed show, and that person lives right here in Boston. Paris Visone, 27, has toured as a band photographer with a number of acts, including Limp Bizkit, Godsmack, Toto, and Blondie since 2010. Starting her journey as a music photographer in high school, Visone honed her craft by shooting concerts of friends’ bands, while making connections by hanging around after shows, meeting people within the music industry.

While many of the bands she tours with haven’t necessarily seen chart success in years, Visone believes that it makes for a different perspective and fans continue to remain just as loyal. “It’s kind of the best part, because it’s a nostalgic experience,” she says. “People think these are just throwback acts, but then they attend a live show and are  like, ‘Man, this is exactly what I’ve missed.'”

As for Limp Bizkit, Visone says that fans are just as rabid as they were in the late ’90s, but there continues to be an element to the band that haters just don’t understand. “The thing about Limp Bizkit is that they aren’t really meant to be taken seriously. For instance, their name is Limp Bizkit,” she says. “Fred [Durst] always says that it is meant to be fun and not serious. He’s not really what the backward red hat represents.”

Visone’s portfolio yields endless dazzling images of bands, and also more conceptual, non-musical pieces. Her best shots can be found on her website, but see below for a reel of some good music pieces.

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