Have you looked at the nutritional facts on the back of your “healthy”, “lite”, or “reduced fat” pint of ice cream lately? You might be surprised to find that besides the words milk and cream, you probably wouldn’t even be able to pronounce a majority of the ingredients. Diglycerides, Xanthan Gum, Polysorbate 80, Carrageenan….mmmm yum! Many of the regular ice cream options and reduced-fat frozen desserts in the supermarket (including Whole Foods) contain fillers, chemical additives and preservatives, a scary thought when you think about the fact that the average American polishes off more than 10 half-gallon cartons of the delicious treat a year.

But behold, Batch Ice Cream! Boston’s very own ice cream truck that has established itself as the authority in REAL ice cream here in New England. The simple ingredients used in all of their super-premium ice creams complement the naturally flavorful cream and milk from neighboring New England cows. The melt-in-your-mouth flavors will remind you of the days of homemade, hand-churned ice cream sans any gums, thickeners, additives, artificial ingredients or coloring agents; the true taste comes shining through in every creamy bite.

“What makes our ice cream so different and taste so good is that we only use real ingredients,” says Batch co-owner, Susie Parish. “Essentially we make each batch with milk, egg, cream, sugar, and then whichever flavor. So if we’re making Vanilla, we use actual ground up vanilla beans instead of some type of vanilla extract. We hand craft our own caramel for our Salted Caramel flavor, and use actual cinnamon sticks for our Cinnamon and Chocolate Bites flavor.”

Batch Ice Cream is made from natural ingredients, but not in a sprouts-and-flaxseed, hippy dippy kind of way. Instead, they craft classic flavors with surprising twists that make them their own. Take their most recent addition to their selection of flavors: Brown Sugar Bourbon and Pecan.

“We don’t mess around when it comes to ingredients,” says Parish. “We source fair trade and make sure each ingredient we use doesn’t have any strange things attached to it. For the Brown Sugar Bourbon and Pecan flavor, we’re using Maker’s Mark and Jim Beam. Normally pecans are roasted in canola oil, an ingredient that is genetically modified, so in keeping with our all real mantra we found a small roaster in Georgia that would custom roast our pecans in non-GMO sunflower oil.”

The “must-try” flavor: Batch’s Green Tea. According to Parish and her just as ice cream savvy partner and co-owner, Veronica Janssens, got hooked up by the best local tea purveyor with the finest quality matcha green tea, resulting in a delectable flavor.

Batch uses fresh herbs and freshly ground spices for each batch to create surprising and irresistible flavors. They work with local farms for the dairy, seasonal fruits, and herbs, and is all about honoring the flavor and not sweetness. Batch adds just enough sugar to make the ice cream, but their sparing helpings allow for the ice cream to not be overly sweet. Instead they focus on the honest flavor of the ingredients.

“We both love food and local ingredients,” says Janssens. “Having wanted to start our own business we figured out there are very few ice creams that don’t have all these strange things in it. I mean we’re looking at the ingredients all the time and rejecting products based on it, so we we made it a goal to create an ice cream that is not only made properly but that people could look at the ingredients and not be scared away by.”

For more about Batch Ice Cream and where to purchase a pint, check out their website.

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