Using salvaged materials, things like scrap wood, old bed frames, trashed dressers, the !ND!V!DUALS Art Collective creates sculptural installations occupied by large-scale or life-size characters and creatures.

The collective’s latest installation: Janky Donuts. What many believed was Boston’s newest craft bakery is actually a back alley type gun shop-themed art display disguised as a donut shop store front.  This time around, the collective – Luke O’Sullivan, Colin Driesch, Andrew Meers, Dominic Casserly, Winston Macdonald – crafts a tongue-in-cheek narrative about America’s obsession with firearms, while poking fun at the overzealous foodies that will do anything for an ‘organic’ donut made with local ingredients.

“The whole point of the show was to draw in a crowd and range of people that may or may not usually go to an art show,” says Colin Driesch. “People go crazy for trendy foods like donuts, so we thought it would be awesome to draw people in through that channel and advertise ourselves as a real, functioning donut shop. Then when people got there they would walk into this whole other experience and adventure.”

Friday’s ambiguous opening even duped some Bostonian reporters, who upon arriving to the location, better known as Lot F Gallery, were pleasantly surprised by the actual art installation.

“Yeah, I met this reporter that had come to review the donuts and new shop, but was even more intrigued when he arrived and it was an art show,” says Driesch. “A lot of people that came expecting donuts, loved it even more.”

Here’s a glimpse of the extensive installation now showing at downtown Boston’s Lot F Gallery.

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