Go ahead, accuse me of #clickbait. But c’mon, everyone loves dogs, myself included. And as a longtime owner of an extremely grumpy miniature schnauzer, who died a little over a year ago, I have a particular soft spot for dogs that look like little old men. So excuse me for giving some love to Connecticut native Tom Cohen, the executive producer of “Cash Cab” (everyone loves that show, right?) who released a book last year, appropriately called “Dogs with Old Man Faces: Portraits of Crotchety Canines.”

He thinks you’ll like it, and I think he’s right. “If I know Bostonians, beneath their tough exterior they always love a little cute animal humor,” the author says.

Still as crotchety as these canines over the #clickbait potential of this post? Maybe this quote from Cohen will make you feel better. “Although I lived in Manhattan for 20 years, I prefer the Red Sox to the Yankees – always hated the Yankees,” the author says. Alright, everyone happy now? Let’s look at some dogs.

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