There were three types of people who left the Oscars on Sunday night: the winners, the losers and the hundreds of people who had just gone for fun and were stir crazy after a three and a half hour ceremony. Cue the afterparty– arguably the only time during this whole superficial day that the stars can relax and throw a few back.

What did they get up to post-show this year? Let us take you on the guide through the cosmos…

These pictures include highlights from the Holy Trinity of Oscars parties:

Elton John AIDS Foundation Viewing Party
For those that don’t make the guest list, the ritziest place to be is Elton John’s viewing party – very popular with musicians who don’t get an invite but still want to ritz it up, and the party raises quite a few dollars for Sir Elton’s foundation as well.

Vanity Fair Afterparty
The VF party is where those who just scooped up the award of a lifetime go to change dresses, pose for portraits and be adored. Stars tend to drop by here, often in second outfits, before heading over to get sloshed at the Governor’s Ball.

Governor’s Ball
This is where the party really starts – you can just imagine celebrities whispering that they’re such big fans into each other’s ears. Dreamy.

In conclusion, I just need someone to tell me who invited Monica Lewinsky and what was going through their head when they did. Happy Oscars!