Sure, we’ve all seen the surge in the graphic novel industry, bringing more adult themes to illustrated content. But local artist Brian Connolly says that there’s a growing demand for more mature comics from the crowd that used to collect Marvel issues or swear by the funnies in the Sunday paper. “The same way that people grew up with comics, comics are now growing up with those people,” he says. “The themes may not be the same as they used to be, but people have become more accepting of it as an art form.” Tomorrow, Connolly and fellow local Mike Kadomiya will celebrate the release of the second issues of their respective comics, “Nothing Mattress” and “Life Is Posers,” with a free party at Lorem Ipsum Books in Cambridge at 8 p.m. Take a look at their awesome work.

Connolly’s project, “Nothing Mattress,” was originally conceived in June 2011 as a weekly comic in DigBoston, though he continues to self-publish it. The witty images make for a sly mix of humor and statement with each concept, described by the artist as “different stories every week, which are loosely autobiographical but centered around some sort of pop culture or locally relevant event.” Kadomiya’s “Life is Posers” projects a similar form of social commentary, though it’s completely fictional and contains a signature cast of punks. Connolly, who is a friend of Kadomiya’s, said he enjoys how it “hilariously lives out the stereotypes of heyday punk rockers.”

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