Want to feel bad about yourself? Well, thanks, TIME, for whipping up a new calculator that figures out how much time we’ve spent on Facebook since it launched in 2004. Self torturers, rejoice!

In anticipation of the 10-year anniversary of the social network (which has attracted 1.1 billion users — whoa), TIME launched the calculator that deciphers how many days, hours, and minutes you’ve spent creeping on your friends and posting sexy Halloween pictures. It’s not entirely scientific, of course, because Facebook doesn’t publicize data on how often users log in. Instead, the tool asks Facebook users to guess how many minutes they spend on the site, then uses that with the amount of items the user has posted to calculate the amount of time they’ve roughly spent. Either way, most rough estimates are likely a blow to the ego of those who consider themselves to have real-life friends/an active social life in the real world.

Have you done it now? Feeling ashamed? Hey, I’ve spent roughly 163 days, 5 hours, and 11 minutes mindlessly surfing Facebook (oh, and working. I do work on there). The kind message (above) that points out this grim sorta-fact also informs me that Facebook is 3,647 days old and I have belonged for 2,938 of those days, posting 9,580 things to my feed. Grand.

Anyway, tell us how much time you’ve spent. In the meantime, I have to get back to posting party pictures and traffic rants.