It’s been over a year since Frozen took over every family’s television, computer, and radio, refusing to “Let It Go.” Now, the filmmakers behind Disney’s biggest hit this decade are bringing the Frozen fanaticism back to theaters with a seven-minute short centered around the close-knit family of Princess Anna, Queen Elsa, Kristoff and of course, Olaf.

Titled Frozen Fever, the short will debut in theaters right before Disney’s Cinderella on March 13. The short’s director says the film, chronicling a celebration of Anna’s birthday, will show audiences a new side of Elsa.

 “It’s another side of Elsa the audience hasn’t seen before and we hadn’t really played with in the original feature,”Director Chris Buck told USA Today

As detailed in the original film, the two sisters missed many years of girl talk, bonding and creating memories. So Elsa, along with Kristoff, is determined to throw the most epic birthday bash for her sister. But of course, not everything will go according to plan. 

If the thought of another Frozen film isn’t enough to drive your six-year-old niece wild, Frozen Fever is supposed to feature another catchy, hit song, which will probably be played on minivan stereos until at least 2024 if the longevity of “Let It Go” is any indication.