Marathon Monday is a day of celebration. Celebration of the city of Boston, its dedicated runners, and just the fact that it’s finally Spring and maybe it’s okay to let loose a bit. BDCwire made its way from Heartbreak Hill to Boylston Street, meeting the different characters along the trail, most of whom were there to celebrate some part of the day, from the race, to the sunshine, to the beer. If anything, it was a sign that, a year after tragedy, Boston is perfectly okay going back to how it always was, and we’ve got the pics to prove it. Here’s what the crowd looked like, and what they had to say.

Don’t worry, be happy — it’s the Staples way. Thanks for the dry erase board folks!

You tell ’em ladies.

We were SHOCKED to see Samuel Adams himself out on the marathon trail (drinking in public no less). He looks pretty good for his age.

OMG, we do too!

It was 9:30 a.m. #college

What he said! Or, his shirt said! (also, tribal arm band ftw!)

BC friends representin’

The dog looks like it never wants to stop running…


Emily sounds like our kinda gal.

Some love for T-Rex and Lauren. Side note: if by any chance somebody named T-Rex doesn’t finish the race, we’re all doomed.

Yo, right? Also, your dog rules.

Have there ever been two hashtags meant for each other more than these two? The headband really works in his favor too.

Excuse me, bro in the background? Teach us your ways.

Do what you gotta do, thanks for the love!


These colors don’t run! Bring your green hat!

Hard to say what feeling 26.2 is like, but we were definitely feeling it too.

‘Tis the season. Rock those guy-thighs baby!

Runners and pedi-cabbers unite!

A lil’ love for Casey from the girl in the awesome beard shirt.

An essential part of Marathon Monday, never stop believing buddy!

Nice legs Emmanuel!

Lookin’ good Missoula!

Things going right in this picture: Tattered jorts? Check. Backwards Looch jersey? Check. Smile whilst gazing heroically into the distance? Check. Flag doubling as a bandana? Check. Providence Bruins logo???? Check. This feeling is mutual, Providence.

Basically sums up how we felt yesterday in the form of vocal solo.

Cheers to that! Let’s do it again next year.