Another day, another celebrity nipple taken down from Instagram. This time around, it was a picture of a shirtless Chrissy Teigen from a recent W photoshoot that was repeatedly removed. 

Teigen joins the ranks of Chelsea Handler, Miley Cyrus, Madonna and countless other females who have been censored by Instagram’s no-nipple policy. The popular photo-sharing app claims that they censor images of breasts to be conscious of “audiences within our global community that are particularly sensitive to this type of content.”

Some Instagram users, however, have found their way around this policy. Because why settle for freeing the nipple when you can bring a whole new meaning to “food porn” instead?

Food For Fashion (FFF) is doing just that. This new zine, created and curated by London hip-kids Zac Bayly and Stacia Hadiumoto, is as tongue-in-cheek a cooking magazine is ever gonna get. Pictures of Karl Lagerfeld eating McDonalds are juxtaposed with Givenchy’s spring/summer offerings and some pretty ingenious methods of skirting Instagram’s prudish policy.

Some concealed with something sweet.

Others went savory.

An option for when you want to make people cry.

And when you want to strike prickly fear into hearts everywhere.

‘Cause what’s more satisfying than taking a bite out of the patriarchy?

Your move, Instagram.