Florida man John Balmer has a few problems. Besides apparently owning a wardrobe comprised entirely of Hot Topic shirts, Balmer was also recently arrested for meth possession while wearing this all-too-appropriate shirt.

no seriously i have drugs shirt

The Tampa Bay Times has the details of Balmer’s unfortunate situation.

According to an arrest report, he was in line at Kmart when a deputy walked in. Balmer saw the deputy and tried to hand a “bag of green leafy substance” to the person behind him, according to officers. That person declined to take the bag.

Balmer then allegedly walked to the cash register, put the baggy on the ground and paid for his items. Another deputy approached. Store workers told him about the baggy.

Deputies discovered it held marijuana and methamphetamine.

Of all the places to get arrested, did it have to be Kmart? Of all the spots to take that unfortunate mugshot, did it have to be in front of a claw game? And of all the t-shirts to be wearing, did he have to be… you know what? Yes, all these things had to happen to make this the perfect story. Sorry John, you’re officially the Florida Man of the Year — at least temporarily.

[h/t Tampa Bay Times]