One glance at the endless list of flavor requests on local favorites Polar Seltzer’s Facebook and Twitter pages and you’ll realize just how eager the brand’s faithful seltzer drinkers are for their big reveal of seasonal flavors. Well, good news Polar Fans. Starting today, enthusiastic fans can find bottles of Polar’s five highly-anticipated and 100% natural summer flavors that will only be available from May through August.

This year’s sparkling summer set is inspired by seasonal ingredients and summer living, and described as destination-inspired flavors. These flavors include Blueberry Lemonade, Mango Papaya, Raspberry Mojito and two returning flavors, back by popular demand – Pomegranate Sangria and Cucumber Melon.

We put these bubbly beverages to the test to see which ones are worth purchasing. The verdict? Worth the hype! These flavors are not only unique to all the imagined tastes of the summer season, but make for the perfect mixers as well. We can already taste the refreshing sangria cocktails and cucumber vodka martinis we’ll be shaking up for friends all summer long. Some of the aromas may overpower the actual flavor (fun fact: taste is actually 70% aroma), but we will undoubtedly be stocking up on these refreshing drinks to sip on their own as well.

Pomegranate Sangria
The sold-out success of this seltzer recipe in 2013 made it a “must-have” for anyone looking for an all-natural and calorie-free libation, and is back again this summer with the same exotic fruity flavor.

Cucumber Melon
Back by popular demand, the Cucumber Melon flavor is so obviously reminiscent of a soothing spa-like moment. Nice and bright, while pleasant and refreshing, you’ll want a massage and warm robe while you sip on this smooth seltzer.

Raspberry Mojito
This was the overwhelming favorite of the bunch, thanks to the subtle smell of mint and the sweet, but still refreshing taste that the Polar mixologists say was inspired by San Francisco – a city centered around food culture and fresh, local ingredients.

Mango Papaya
Imagine yourself on a beach in Brazil. Now imagine a glass full of Mango Papaya seltzer water and perhaps some rum and ice for a nice little cocktail. This is the perfect beach drink; sand in your toes, sun-shining and the smooth (probably the smoothest of them all), crisp taste this one delivers — definitely one of the best.

Blueberry Lemonade
After trying this slightly-tart flavor, it’s hard to believe that these seltzers are sugar free and have zero calories. The strong fruity aroma of this offering makes it another perfect summer beverage.