Those who have been hiding under rock may not yet have heard of ‘Orange Is the New Black”s much anticipated return. Social media has been buzzing as fans binge-watch the Netflix original series that follows Piper Chapman as she serves a 15 month sentence in a federal prison after being charged with drug trafficking. The show is truly addicting as it brilliantly tackles a a broad range of issues including racism, sexism, gender and mental illness. But this show also deserves major props for it’s wide-ranging soundtrack selections.

The music selection is all over the place and does not discriminate against any genre. Music Supervisor Bruce Gilbert picked a diverse line-up of songs with everything from 50 Cent’s ‘Death To My Enemies’ to Joan Baez’s ‘Where Do All My Flowers Gone’ to the the Grammy nominated ‘You’ve Got Time’ by Regina Spektor. Below is the playlist featuring all songs featured throughout season 2.