Yesterday, while the bulk of us were snowed into our respective abodes, the early Democratic candidates for Massachusetts governor kicked off a series of debates. While most questions were appropriately centered around politics, mediators did hit the candidates with a burning one that made their heads spin: What is your favorite Philip Seymour Hoffman film? It’s not like the late actor is particularly relevant right now or anything, but all five candidates seemed to draw a blank on this one (in fairness, Martha Coakley finally comes up with “Capote,” for which Hoffman won an Oscar for best actor). Perhaps they’re just not big cinephiles, that’s cool. Republican candidate Charlie Baker was quick to weigh in on Twitter though:

In other Philip Seymour Hoffman news, the death of the actor continues to have a major effect on the acting world, but Aaron Sorkin, who worked with Hoffman on “Charlie Wilson’s War,” wrote a touching piece today for Time online, telling of his own struggles with drugs, and how the bonded.