Questlove. Legos. Lonely Island in Dumb and Dumber tuxes. All of these things and more comprised Tegan and Sara’s performance of “Everything is Awesome”, which was nominated for Best Original Song.

The performance was frantic, eclectic, and, of course, AWESOME. The energy level felt akin to eating one hundred pixie sticks, riding a roller coaster, and then getting struck by lightening. But, like, in a fun way.

Oprah was thrilled to receive a Lego Oscar. Channing Tatum couldn’t sit still. There were dancers dressed as construction workers doing choreography while confetti fell from the ceiling.

The performance was pretty much everything that the Oscars 2015 hasn’t been to this point: exciting, fresh, and upbeat.

And, like the total class acts they are, the Canadian rocker twins were quick to give a post-performance shoutout of gratitude.