If you don’t believe in luck, you should now.

Following the “Word Class Millions” award, Michael Milford and his finacée hit a $15 million jackpot, winning Massachusetts’s largest instant prize.

The Melrose-based couple purchased the $30 “scratch and win” card at Boyles Family Market in Medford, earning the store a cool $50,000 for just selling the ticket — the highest retailer lottery bonus in the state.

Milford, a sales manager and his fiancée — a school teacher — plan to tie the knot in December in the Dominican Republic. The pair collected their prize yesterday and their winnings will go towards their ceremony, paying off existing bills, helping family members as well as investing for the future.

There should also probably enough left over to buy a sports car, all the Dunkin’ Donuts they desire and a unicorn.

If you have a lucky penny, a four-leaf clover, a horseshoe, a genie in a lamp or you’re just feeling the stars are all aligned, there’s still two $15 million cash prizes remaining.

[h/t ABC]