“E.I.” is the new IQ.

If you’ve worked in an office environment, suffered through a bout of inexplicable cold-shoulder treatment, or commiserated with a job-hunting millennial in recent years, you’ve engaged with emotional intelligence. But that doesn’t mean you totally understand what it is.

Also known as “E.I.,” emotional intelligence has to do with a person’s ability to interpret the feelings of others and respond to interpersonal issues at work and in life, said professor Fredrick Nafukho, head of Texas A&M University’s Educational Administration and Human Resource Development department.


It’s not a new concept, but use of this gauge of behavioral aptitude has been growing in popularity over the past few years.

Thing is, unlike IQ—the intelligence quotient calculated from a series of standardized tests—your emotional intelligence quotient (E.Q.) is far harder to sum up in a number.

“Tests…for measuring EQ are more recent and are still evolving,” Nafukho explained. “The mixed-model approach I use to quantify EQ involves analyzing intrapersonal skills, interpersonal skills, adaptability skills, stress management skills, and general mood skills.”

It’s easy to lack the self-awareness needed to figure out how high your own emotional intelligence quotient would be.

So we’re here to help you out! Using Nafukho’s expertise (but—full disclosure—not getting so completely scientific), we put together a quiz to help you gauge your E.Q.: