Feel good

Less than 100 feet from finishing a brutal 12-mile march in full combat gear, Army Capt. Sarah Cudd fell to her knees.

army walk 1

She was steps away from earning the Army’s Expert Field Medical Badge (EFMB), a distinction for enlisted medical professionals who pass a series of strenuous tests. Using her rifle for support, she got up.

army walk 2

But after a few more steps, she collapsed again.

army walk 3

Her fellow soldiers urged her on.

army walk 4

Summoning every last ounce of strength, Cudd rose once more, determined to finish in the allotted three hours.

army walk 5

She made it.

army walk 6

In a Facebook post, the US Army Public Health Command confirmed Cudd was one of 46 soldiers who earned their badge. According to the Washington Post, 80 percent of those who attempted the test that day fell short.

Way to go, Army Capt. Cudd.