The Wizards paid a visit to Toronto last night, where Young Money rapper and former Degrassi actor Drake is the official “global ambassador” for the Raptors.


Wizards star Paul Pierce (it’s still weird to say that) had the responsibility of inbounding the ball with 12 seconds left on the clock and his team trailing 95-93. Seems like a simple task, until you have the distraction of Drake lurking over your shoulder. 

As Pierce was handed the ball, the very giggly rapper tugged his arm. The whistle hadn’t been blown yet, so it didn’t officially interfere with the play, but Pierce very clearly wasn’t feeling the joke as much as Drake and his cohort. 

Shrugging him off with a “let me work, here” kind of look, Pierce continued to play, but Washington missed the shot and lost by two. 

We’ve seen Drake lint-rolling his pants on the sidelines and looking really sad while sitting courtside, but is this the competitive advantage that Toronto was hoping for when they hired Dreezy? If so, it seems to be working. 

[h/t CSN Washington]