Doug Tuttle’s psychedelic resume would probably be impressive enough to get him an interview at Timothy Leary’s office, if Timothy Leary were ever not crazy enough to work in an office. The guitarist and songwriter behind New Hampshire freak heroes MMOSS gained a huge following with that project, and now has taken his act to Boston to release a self-titled solo album. The 11-track effort is a captivating collection of shorter psych-pop ditties and more drawn out, kaleidoscopic jams. While his verses remain subdued with vocal transparency and a ghost-like haze, the boldness and color of his songs emerge with massive and frantic guitar jams that weave through organ lines or acoustic chords. There is definitely a vintage joy to the record, with multiple vocal tracks and analog-style crisp, but the recordings also yield enough cleanliness so that any old pop music fan could find a way in, even without any previous connection to psychedelic music. Tuttle’s debut album will be released Jan. 28 on Trouble in Mind Records, and he will be celebrating its release with a show at Middlesex Lounge on Jan. 29 with Caustic Rainbow, Ghost Box Orchestra, and Doug Wartman.

Tuttle crafted our mid-week playlist this week, highlighting his favorite tracks to come from Trouble in Mind Records. The label, which isn’t even five years old yet, boasts records by some of the best acts in the new wave of psychedelic music. Check out his picks, and don’t miss Tuttle’s own track, “Turn This Love,” which is the first single from his new album, at the end of the playlist.


1. Morgan Delt – “Barbarian Kings”

“Delt totally nails the White Noise/Delia Derbyshire vibe with this track.”

2. Jacco Gardner – “Clear the Air”

“This is a great moody Baroque pop tune, with funky drums, and lyrics about changing your name.”
3. Paperhead – “Do You Ever Think of Me”
“Paperhead wrote one of the most sincere sounding sad guy songs I’ve ever heard.”
4. Apache Dropout – “Archie’s Army”
“Stompy/super catchy/’Undead Jughead’/sugar.”
5. Maston – “Messages”
“This song creeps me out.”
6. Mikal Cronin – “Apathy”
“Hook after hook after hook.”
7. The Resonars – “Paint My Window Green”
“This one sounds like The Hollies at their best.”
8. Nightbeats – “H-bomb”
“This tune definitely sounds like the drug scene in a biker movie.”
9. Doug Tuttle – “Turn This Love”