Dorchester native and eleventh-best Wahlberg brother Donnie Wahlberg (behind Mark, Rob, Paul, Art, Buddy, Jim, Scott, and four more I made up) will be starring in an A&E reality show with his new wife and deluded anti-vaccination advocate Jenny McCarthy entitled “Donnie Loves Jenny.”

With the Wahlberg-centric “Wahlburgers” already on A&E, another Mark Wahlberg-produced show about beer called “The Big Brew Theory” in the works, and Donnie starring in the New Kids on the Block show “Rock this Boat” on TV Guide Network, viewers could soon be treated to wall-to-wall Wahlbergs.

“Donnie loves Jenny” is slated to kick off a ten-episode run in 2015 with an episode filmed during their wedding (which brother Mark skipped for his daughter’s birthday). According to the newlyweds, “Donnie loves Jenny” will make for “provocative and unscripted programming,” though it’s hard to imagine anything more provocative than claiming “our own government clearly acknowledges vaccines cause brain damage in certain vulnerable kids.”

“Not only have we found a new home together, we have found the perfect place for our exciting new projects to live with A&E Network,” the newlyweds said. “We’re so excited about this deal and look forward to a long and successful relationship creating entertaining and provocative unscripted programming with our partners at A&E. Our feeling is, who better to make our first show for the network about than about us? We love working together and with our crazy schedules, this gives us the chance to both work and play together.”

If McCarthy’s incredibly unfiltered statements about her husband’s “perfect” penis are any indication, provocative and unscripted are fitting adjectives for what will undoubtedly be a train wreck of a show.

[h/t Uproxx, img via Getty]