Ruff Riders rapper and all-around Internet oddity DMX is thankfully back in the headlines, this time for his churnalizable freak out on a Florida amusement park ride.

Released today via TMZ, the video shows X and an unknown compatriot preparing to be launched in Orlando’s Magical Midway slingshot ride. Though the mouthbreathers over at The Smoking Section claim that the ride is a rollercoaster, but it’s more like a reverse bungee jump that jettisonsĀ folks – even hardcore rappers like the Dark Man himself – towards the skyline.

A visibly shaken DMX begins the ride frantically espousing his fear, all the while his partner tries to keep it together. Then, as the two defy gravity, X lets loose an absolutely epic streak of curses that (unfortunately) are bleeped out. However, as soon as the two touchdown, DMX is cool, claiming he was never scared at all. Even though he knows the camera has been on him the whole time.

Anyway, that’s your semiannual portion of DMX craziness for the summer. Please tune back in to the hype machine this Christmas, when the Yonkers rhymer returns to the blogosphere with his annual “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer” viral revival.