Huge blockbusters aren’t big on Netflix this weekend, so either you have the guts to try something new, go to the theaters and see the new “Hunger Games,” or just sit back and drift into yesteryear with an old Disney flick. Here’s the latest on the streaming service.


“In the House” (2013)

This odd mystery follows a bold teacher, who shows faith in a gifted writing protege with research methods that aren’t particularly kosher.

“Paradise: Love” (2013)

This first film in a trilogy is a disturbing look into three different women of the same family and the three different trips they take to different places around the world.

“Robin Hood” (1973)

Just a delightful Disney classic.

“The Sword in the Stone” (1963)

Same with this one.

“I Am Love” (2010)

Tilda Swinton stars in a drama detailing death, love, marriage, and politics within the Italian upper class.


“Crazy For Christmas” (2005)

This holiday-themed made-for-TV drama probably won’t rank towards the top in the list of Christmas classics. But if you’ve tired yourself out on the same old ones, maybe give this one a go.

“13/13/13” (2013)

This is a must-see for people who love awesomely bad movies. Of all of the bad movies on Netflix, this one really stands out.