In case you missed it, mother and YouTube user DoeEyes, created a video earlier this year to remind an over-eager boy crushing on her daughter that no means no. The video has been regaining steam thanks to its always-relevant message.

The brilliance of the video is that it’s not a smackdown from an angry mother about a persistent boy harassing her daughter. Rather, the host sees it as an opportunity to teach a valuable life lesson that anyone could take, keeping it anonymous, and applying it to other scenarios. She even suggests ideas for him to deal with his feelings like “journal your thoughts, talk to a trusted friend or adult.”

When a video like this surfaces, it will always gather haters on the Internet. But seriously, the woman has a point. Rejection will happen and if you can’t take a hint, especially one as blatant as “no thanks”– persistence is no longer a romantic gesture, it’s an inappropriate annoyance.