“David Bowie Is” is a documentary centered around the David Bowie exhibition that debuted at London’s V&A Museum and is currently traveling the world. Sadly, the exhibition isn’t coming to Boston. But the documentary is.

I had the pleasure of screening the film recently and, as a Bowie fan, I was floored. The amount of memorabilia that Bowie has saved over the years is staggering, from hand-written lyric sheets to baby pictures to iconic costumes (think The Thin White Duke, Halloween Jack, and Ziggy Stardust for starters). All of that and more is on display at the exhibition and represented vividly in the documentary.

Watching the film immediately rekindled my love for Bowie–his music, his theater, his art and his spirit are all captured brilliantly. And there are nuggets that even Bowie completists will likely admit they’ve never encountered. Again, the exhibition isn’t coming to Boston (the one U.S. stop is in Chicago), but you can see the documentary in the Boston area on September 23. It’s screening in Revere, Newton, and at the Kendall Square Cinema in Cambridge.