What happens when every bro’s favorite comedian, Daniel Tosh, calls out every bro’s favorite TV show, “SportsCenter”? Well, something quite beautiful, actually.

It seems that anyone with an edge has no fear in picking on ESPN these days, whether it be one of the faces of the station itself, Bill Simmons, or someone who simply enjoys a good ol’ fashioned flame war, AKA Daniel Tosh. The fuel for this fire came about when “SportsCenter” ran a bit called “Awesome Video Segment,” which, as Tosh points out, is essentially a direct rip-off of the “Web Redemption” sketch from the comedian’s own, “Tosh.O”. The Comedy Central funny man definitely has a point, but rather than complain about it, he used his show as a means to fire right back.

On Tuesday’s episode of “Tosh.0,” the comedian not only spoofed the popular “SportsCenter” piece “Sports Science,” but used the opportunity to wholly trash the entire network. It’s quite the spectacle, and not really safe for work, but chances are, at this point you’ve seen the Kardashian magazine cover, so what’s a little foul language gonna hurt.