Everyone remembers Curt Schilling’s gutsy performances in Game 6 of the ALCS and Game 2 of the World Series in 2004 — or at least they remember the blood seeping through his sock. But some conspiracy theorists claim the blood was fake, which led Schilling to post some truly gruesome photos of his ankle on Twitter today.

Wow. That is… something. (And that something is disgusting.)

Back in 2007, Schilling angrily responded to a Baltimore Orioles announcer who insinuated the sock blood was fake by offering to donated $1 million to charity if anyone could prove the spurious claim. Of course, due to Schilling’s well-documented financial woes, a million-dollar donation isn’t possible, so a grisly ankle photo will have to suffice.

Schilling had to auction off the sock that covered that oozing battle scar for a little over $92,600 last year. But even if the memorabilia is gone, the memories of his heroic 2004 performance will never fade.

In the meantime, Schilling is spending the rest of his day on Twitter convincing people evolution doesn’t exist and responding to Twitter trolls in a way that suggests he’s been taking Twitter lessons from fellow ex-Red Sox player Jose Canseco.

[h/t USA Today]