The four dudes that make up the local garage-rock outfit CreaturoS are no strangers to the Boston music circuit, having all played in a number of bands before joining forces for this one. Spawned out of the demise of the more psych-heavy band, Doomstar!, and a few other local acts, CreaturoS is an amalgamation of reverb-drenched riffs and heavy-hitting psychedelic explorations. They play fast. They play loud. And their tracks find strength in the jam-centric prowess of all (now four) guys playing together in the Boston music scene for quite some time now.

CreaturoS play Zuzu in Cambridge tonight alongside Please the Trees, a band out of the Czech Republic that are known for weighty guitar riffs and almost hypnotic grooves. This show catches both bands at an exciting time; Please the Trees having just performed at SXSW and in the midst of a huge US tour, and CreaturoS having recently released their new track, “Going Out in Style,” and its accompanying music video. Following such recent successes, you can expect energetic and overall elated performances from both bands, who already deliver songs that pack a punch.

Please The Trees (Czech Republic), CreaturoS, Grave Ideas: Zuzu, 10pm, Free 21+