Looking for your local summer anthem? Leave it to some of our favorite local heroes in CreaturoS to provide the appropriate fuel for your vibe.

“Short Shorts” follows up the Cambridge quartet’s excellent 2012 debut album “Swampp Thingg,” and it is expectedly just as groovin’. The band, comprised of some of Boston’s garage rock stalwarts (members of Doomstar, Hallelujah the Hills, the list goes on), encourages letting some leg show while getting your summer strut on in their new video for the accompanying single.

The video, from Cambridge-based collective pRIMORDIAL sOUNDS, features some of our town’s most beloved longhairs– Jesse Gallagher (Apollo Sunshine, Da Burdz, Nighttime Gallagher), Doug Tuttle, and Johnny Allen (Headband), along with Gallagher’s dog Annie. The video affirms the testament that when the heat takes over, no judgement should get between you and your short shorts. It’s a summer jam to the max, appropriate for soundtracking backyard BBQs, cranking in the old man’s convertible on the way to the beach, or blasting on a hoisted boombox as you cruise the block (if anyone still does that).

The single can be downloaded above and added to this year’s summer mixtape. You can also catch CreaturoS on July 18 at Great Scott with Boytoy and Tredici Bacci, or August 2 at The Middle East for the 2nd Annual Fuzzstival.