It’s never dignified to be a poor sport, but when science is on your side, it’s a different story, right? John Brenkus, host of ESPN’s “Sport Science,” looked into the controversial play that ended the New England Patriots’ 24-20 loss to the Carolina Panthers on Monday — and the results will please Pats fans.

In the play, it appeared as though Panthers linebacker Luke Kuechly was holding Pats tight end Rob Gronkowski, preventing him from catching a pass which was instead intercepted by the Panthers’ Robert Lester. A flag was thrown but quickly revoked. In the end, no penalty was called and the game ended. All of New England collectively lost its mind. But Brenkus argues that while it would have been difficult for Gronk to contend with Lester for the catch, science shows that he would have had a legitimate chance to make a play on the throw if Kuechly hadn’t interrupted.

Don’t get mad at me, it’s science, bro.