The streets of Boston can be pretty rough at times, so we asked UFC superstar Conor McGregor how people can defend themselves, should the need arise.

Stay cognizant

“For a self-defense mind, you need one thing and one thing only: awareness,” the Irish featherweight told BDCwire, ahead of his bout at TD Garden on Sunday. “You just need to be aware. Aware of your situation. Aware of your surroundings. Aware of what is around you.

“I know what is behind me, I know what is to the side of me, and I know what is in front of me. That’s a self-defense mind and is something I always have and I always will have, I feel.”

Fight your way out of the room

Being mindful of what’s around you is always a good tip to follow. But what do you do if you’re at something like Friday’s media event, and the hundreds of screaming (possibly drunk) fans who’re surrounding you decide to get a little rowdy?

McGregor’s plan starts with clearing out the people who are standing closest to him.

“If I had to take anybody out, I’d probably crack you real quick with a short, inside left hand,” he said, staring me dead in the eyes.

Then, he turned his attention towards the other assembled media: “I’d bang him [with] a right hook, I’d steamroll through him, and then there’s an exit right there. I would make my exit safely.”

We’re just glad he didn’t think a demonstration was necessary.

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