Last week, Consumerist confirmed something that thousand of Boston residents already know by naming Comcast the worst company in America.

This is not the first time the cloven-hooved cable/internet provider has taken home the dishonor, this time beating out Monsanto – fucking MONSANTO – by a margin of 51.5% to 48.5% to claim their second Golden Poo since 2010.

Among the competition were other soulless institutions like Wal-Mart, SeaWorld, McDonald’s, and even Comcast merger partner Time Warner Cable. However, when it came down to the wire, the people had spoken – there is no one who shamelessly screws over the American public more than Comcast.

Though this feels like justice against the indomitable, government-mandated purveyor of shitty WiFi, Comcast has never been very apologetic for their lack of human kindness. “I would say we’re working everyday to improve customer experience,” some fork-tongued jackass named Andy Macke told an Atlanta TV station, “Over the past three years we’ve been able to connect 1,000 families to the power of the Internet to have access to education, healthcare and government services.”

One whole thousand. Way to go, Macke and Co. One week in and you’re well on your way to an unprecedented third victory.