College Newspaper Round-Up highlights the best of student-journalism in the Boston area.

 Amy Poehler Arrives at Harvard

  • Yesterday, Harvard Square was host to the annual Hasty Pudding Theatricals’ Woman of the Year parade, which this year celebrated the career of Amy Poehler, according to Ivan B. K. Levingston and Victoria Lin of the Harvard Crimson. Poehler, a comedian known for her performances with the Upright Citizens Brigade and on Saturday Night Live, currently stars in NBC’s Parks and Recreation, which ends its run next month. A native of Burlington, MA, Poehler reminisced about growing up in the area . “As I drove by and gave the middle finger to [Harvard],” she told the crowd, as reported by the Crimson, “I would’ve never known that this place would end up giving me so much shit.”

BU Accommodates Workers During Storm 

  • Sekar Krisnauli of the Daily Free Press spoke to Boston University employees who showed up to work on Tuesday, even as a travel ban was in effect for the snow emergency. Boston University and Aramark Food Service helped accommodate many of the workers, including putting some up in a hotel and sending cars for travel, according to Krisnauli.

Laverne Cox Speaks at Northeastern 

  • Laverne Cox, who plays Sophia Burset on the Netflix series Orange is the New Black, visited Northeastern University on Monday, speaking to students about her background as an African American transgender woman as well as calling for allies to help spur change and progress, according to Rowena Lindsay of the Huntington News. According to Lindsay, “Her final words of advice: ‘Create a safe space to have a conversation so you can know what to say to people who are different than you,’ Cox said. ‘Get to a place when you have a better understanding of who they are and who you are.’”

Radcliffe Honors Ruth Bader Ginsburg

  • The Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study, which was founded in 1999 when Radcliffe College, a women’s liberal arts college, merged with Harvard University, will be presenting the 2015 Radcliffe Medal to U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, according to Gabrielle M. Williams of the Harvard Crimson. The medal, which will be presented at the end of May, “is presented annually to an individual who has made significant and effective contributions to change and progress,” according to the Crimson. Bader Ginsburg graduated from Harvard Law in 1959.

SMFA Seeking Independence 

  • The School of Museum of Fine Arts, which currently awards accredited degrees to students through Tufts University, is in the middle of an accreditation process by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) in order to independently award students, according to Emma Steiner of the Tufts Daily. SMFA, also referred to as the Museum School, is a small-sized college located on the Museum of Fine Arts campus.

High Cost of Living at Emerson 

  • U.S. News has ranked Emerson College seventh on a list of expensive on-campus housing, according to Laura King of the Berkeley Beacon. The list used average 2014-15 room and board costs. Emerson, with $15,096, narrowly beat eighth place Lesley University’s $15,000. Smith College came in at 10th with $14,950.

Suffolk Student Sounds Off on Charlie Hedbo

  • The Suffolk Journal ran an editorial piece this week by Evette Thompson, who writes that while she believes in freedom of speech, she disagrees with a lot of work published by French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo. “Charlie Hebdo encourages racism, Islamophobia, and disrespect towards other people under the guise of satire,” Thompson writes. “What happened to the freedom to choose, and why should someone’s choice of religion be such a huge concern that they are made fun of?” she continues. “If Charlie Hebdo disagrees with other religions, there are other ways to criticize rather than resorting to the use of offensive words or degrading language. One cannot preach hate and expect to get love in return.”