Oh the ’90s…those long nights filled with countless episodes of “Clarissa Explains It All” or re-watching “Space Jam,” while wearing any combo of red, blue and white Tommy Hilfiger garb, and jamming to TLC or Nirvana, whatever your ‘scene’ was back in the day. Yes, in many ways, it was a terrible time for fashion, but for everything lame like fanny packs or 98 Degrees songs, there was something awesome about the ’90s, like Surge soda.

And now, 12 years after the citrus beverage was discontinued, Coca-Cola is re-introducing Surge for exclusive purchase on Amazon.

Surge, launched in 1996 as an answer to PepsiCo-owned Mountain Dew, was the company’s most aggressive launch of a soda brand in that decade (Coca-Cola even came out with an exclusive music mix called “Surge Songs,” see below). Sure, initial reception to the beverage was strong, but its appeal had all but faded by the early 2000s. That was until the “Surge Movement” was formed in 2011. The Surge Movement – 128,000 Facebook likes strong – has fanatically championed the return of Surge since the movement’s inception and ultimately played into Coca-Cola’s decision to bring the beverage back.

The first batch of Surge sold out after about an hour, though supplies have been refreshed since. Surge is sold in 12-packs of 16 fl oz cans for $14.