Christopher Nolan’s “Interstellar” comes out next month, and the hype has been palpable. When’s the last time we got to see a wisecracking space cowboy like Matthew McConaughey enter the deep recesses of the galaxy in order to save the world? The answer is 1987,¬†when wisecracking space cowboy Bill Pullman did the same thing in Mel Brooks’ “Spaceballs,” which is why this remixed trailer by The Unusual Suspect works so well.

It’s not surprising that “Spaceballs” can be remixed so easily into a dramatic trailer — far sillier fare has received the dramafication remix in the past, and “Spaceballs” already lampoons the sci-fi / adventure genre, which means remixing it to seem dramatic is kind of like making “Airplane!” dramatic. But the subtle touches here are well done, especially with the title card.

spaceballs parody