Local boy Chris Evans attended the 73rd Golden Globe Awards Sunday to present Spotlight as a contender for Best Picture–Drama. It was fitting, as the movie–based on The Boston Globe’s unearthing of the Catholic Church sex abuse scandal–was filmed and set in Evans’s hometown.

And he said so in his speech: “[The Spotlight Team’s] year-long Pulitzer Prize-winning investigation rocked my hometown of Boston to its core.”

As soon as Evans mentioned his roots, Twitter users launched into a commentary spree: Chris Evans is from Boston?! Chris Evans is from Boston.

The Twitter reactions–part jokes, part people analyzing his voice, part superfans freaking out about Evans’s general existence–were as follows:

What would a discussion of Boston actors be without a nod to the Kings?


Some people were into the Globes’s choice to have Evans present Spotlight. 


Others weren’t.



And, most of all, everyone spent a lot of time thinking about the way Evans pronounced things.

Lesson: If you are painfully handsome and very famous and decide to say one sentence about your hometown, thousands of people are going to comment on it.