Taking advantage of delivery options is a trademark quality of any slightly lazy person, and Chipotle has finally decided to cater to that market. The question is, how much will you pay to be lazy?

The company announced earlier this week their official partnership with delivery service Postmates. Now, you can indulge in some burrito bowl goodness without needing to leave your home.

But according to Postmates’ website, the delivery fees begin “at $5 and are determined by the distance from pick-up to drop-off, and the the capacity of the platform. Additionally, a 9% service fee is applied to the purchase price of your items.”

In other words, it’s possible your total can amount to twice the cost of a burrito itself, or even more.

Jason Del Ray at Re/code put the app to use, but had to shell out quite the pretty penny.

“I just tried to order an $8 Chipotle burrito from Postmates and was told it would cost $20 with delivery and service fees,” he told Business Insider.

That $20 could get you 2 burritos and chips or 5 orders of tacos. It may appear absurdly expensive but maybe not to everyone.

The struggle is real. Do you pay $20 for a burrito or do you put on real pants and go there yourself?

[h/t Business Insider]