President Obama got an unexpected piece of attitude from a jealous fiancé in Chicago Monday as he cast his early ballot for the November 4 elections.

As CNN cameras captured President Obama performing his civic duty, a local man named Mike Jones (no, not the mid-2000s Houston rapper), whose fiancé Aia Cooper was voting next to the Commander in Chief, gave Obama some unsolicited advice: “Don’t touch my girlfriend.”

To his credit, Obama handled the jibe in as non-confrontational a way as possible. “I really wasn’t planning on it,” Obama said. “There’s an example of a brother just embarrassing you for no reason.”

In the end, Obama got a kiss on the cheek from Cooper, saying “Now he’s really jealous!”

Just another instance of the President playing it cool in a situation that could have been profoundly more awkward. Jones should just be thankful it wasn’t Vice President Biden standing next to his fiancé instead.

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[h/t CNN]