Don’t even try to bring that “last week of summer” stuff up in here. Unless you’re a student or teacher going back to school, summer ends at midnight on September 22 and not a minute sooner. Here’s some stuff to do to help you make the most of the fourth-to-last week of summer.

Monday, August 25 – Chefs for Clefts
The Tip Tap Room owners Brian Poe and Gordon Wilcox host the first annual Chefs for Clefts fundraiser at their Beacon Hill hotspot to benefit Massachusetts General Hospital’s Global Surgical Initiative. The “Night in Columbia” themed party features Colombian-inspired cocktails and small plates, and it’s for a good cause so don’t even think about all the calories you’re consuming — those are really just karma points. Delicious, delicious karma points. (6 p.m., $50, all ages)

Tuesday, August 26 – “Silicon Valley”
We appreciate extended dick jokes that are also integral to the plot as much as anyone, but unfortunately this “Silicon Valley” isn’t the HBO show, it’s a PBS documentary outlining the history of the California industry and innovation hub. The Seaport’s District Hall hosts this free screening of the film, to be followed by a panel with the filmmakers and free pizza and drinks. Embarrassing fact about me: I used to think Silicon Valley referred to all the women there who got breast implants. I also thought Little Richard and Lionel Richie were the same person until like two years ago. (5:30 p.m., FREE, all ages)

Tuesday, August 26 – Kina Zoré
Mozambican Afro-pop group Kina Zoré wraps up their August residency at the Lizard Lounge with another night of triumphant horns, uplifting vocals, and powerful African dance grooves guaranteed to make you sweat, even if you do get chilly and wear a hoodie sometimes at night now. They’ll be joined by special guests Atlas Soul, who sing in Spanish, French, Italian, Arabic, Hebrew, and English, guaranteed to make you feel bad that you took AP French in high school and all you remember is how to ask “Where is the library?” (8:30 p.m., $10, 21+)

Wednesday, August 27 – Magic Without Tricks
I’m so bad at art that I think anyone who can realistically draw a person is basically a magician (especially feet: I always have to draw feet pointing directly left and right as if the person were born with some kind of birth defect). The Nave Gallery Annex in Davis Square explores the way artists play with our perception in its Magic Without Tricks exhibition, debuting at Wednesday’s opening reception. No, there won’t be any Magic Eye prints on display, but just in general if you want to look like you’re closely examining any piece of art, staring and pretending its a Magic Eye is a good way to go. Remember to relax your eyes. (6 p.m., FREE, all ages)

Wednesday, August 27 – Liz Prince
Somerville’s Hub Comics and author Liz Prince celebrate the release of her new 250-page autobiographical graphic novel, “Tomboy,” with a lively presentation, Q&A, and signing at the Brattle Theatre. Prince chronicles a childhood where she found herself somewhere in between a “girly girl” and just one of the guys. She was exiled to the outfield in Little League, so she couldn’t even take a page from the Mo’ne Davis playbook in responding to kids who made fun of tomboys by learning to throw a baseball really, really hard at their faces and/or dicks. (6 p.m., $5, all ages)

Wednesday, August 27 – “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?”
Hey, guess who’s coming to dinner? Oh, I don’t know, how about fucking Theo Huxtable?! Even the most racist of dads would have to love his daughter bringing home Theo, right? Malcolm-Jamal Warner stars in the Huntington Theatre Company’s upcoming stage version of the Academy Award-winning 1967 film, and the company will preview the production with a free screening of the film and a discussion with Warner and director David Esbjornson at the Strand Theatre. (7 p.m., FREE, all ages)

Thursday, August 28 – Trivia at Night Shift Brewery to End MS
If we can learn anything from the success of the Ice Bucket Challenge, it’s that Boston is better than everyone else at coming up with awesome fundraising campaigns. Night Shift Brewery in Everett hosts a night of Trivia to End MS, and even if it doesn’t sweep the nation, you still get awesome local beer, food, and a tour of the brewery. Plus you get to tell all your friends on social media that you’re going so they know you’re both really smart and good at trivia and you care about helping the less fortunate, and those are two qualities that will probably help you score a hot date, provided that you’re also very attractive. (6 p.m., $15, 21+)

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