If you’re like me, your schedule for the next two weeks is pretty full because you’re going to read every single newspaper article, magazine story, and blog post that has anything to do with the Patriots. Just really soak it all in. But if you can carve out some leisure time, you can learn to make a sweet cell phone film, voice your opinion about the 2024 Olympics, or see a new play from a “New Girl” writer.

Monday, January 19 – Wine, Personified (UPDATE: Event postponed until March 28)
What are your go-to phrases for describing the wine you’re drinking? If it’s something like “This is good” or “I like this” or “There should be some more in that box, just tilt it forward,” that’s not going to cut it when you start drinking the good stuff. Learn to set your mind free and expand your vocabulary at Island Creek Oyster Bar’s Wine, Personified workshop. Through tasting, talking and a lively game of Taboo, Liz Vilardy and Fanny Katz of Central Bottle, Belly Wine Bar and Blue Room will have you describing wine like you never thought you would: Loire Gamay can be athletic, Alsatian Riesling is like Catherine Deneuve, and some Italian Maremma reminds us of a bearded timberman. I’m not even kidding, those are their real examples. (1:30 p.m., $25, 21+)

Tuesday, January 20 – SomethingGUD Cooking Demo
Whether you signed up for a CSA, frequent your local farmers’ market, or get adventurous at the grocery store, you’ve probably brought home some weird produce that you have no idea how to cook: Kohlrabi. Celeriac. Carrots that aren’t baby carrots you can dip in ranch dressing. Digital farmers’ market SomethingGUD (located in the Aeronaut Brewing Company food hub in Somerville) delivers local foods to your doorstep, and Tuesday they’ll deliver some tips on preparing fresh and delicious meals in a free cooking demonstration and tasting at Trident Booksellers and Cafe. (7 p.m., FREE, all ages)

Tuesday, January 20 – Cell Phone Filmmaking Class
Anyone can take an iPhone video, but how do you make an iPhone film? For one thing, turn the darn thing sideways, bro, there’s a reason your TV is widescreen and not tall-screen. Somerville Community Access TV (SCATV) hosts a Cell Phone Filmmaking Class with freelance filmmaker Jonathan B. Barbato, covering the foundations of real-world storytelling and how to use your phone to craft an insightful film (iPhone or iPad required; headphones with a microphone recommended). (7 p.m., $45, all ages)

Wednesday, January 21 – Boston 2024 Public Meetings
It’s not my job to pass judgment, just to let you know that Wednesday’s meeting at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center is the first of nine monthly public Citizens Advisory Group meetings with Boston 2024 staff. The meetings will be an opportunity discuss the benefits of hosting the Games and their impact on the city. (6:30 p.m., FREE, all ages)

Wednesday, January 21 – Pop-Up Dinner: Ramen Night
A pop-up venue for diners to try innovative menus from talented local chefs, Cambridge’s Concept Kitchen hosts a Pop-Up Dinner: Ramen Night on Wednesday. The three-course menu features homemade tonkatsu: a breaded, deep-fried pork cutlet. Mmmmm…breaded. It’s probably for the best if you don’t do the math and figure out how many instant ramen packets you could buy for the $34 ticket price, but it’s something in the hundreds and anyways you don’t have that kind of storage space in your apartment — if you did, you would have finally bought that salad spinner you’ve been wanting. (7 p.m., $34, 21+)

Thursday, January 22 – All the Right Channels: A Life in Television
Harvard’s Office for the Arts welcomes Susanne Daniels, President of Programming for MTV, and Amy Lippman, showrunner/executive producer of Showtime’s “Masters of Sex” for an informal conversation about their careers titled All the Right Channels: A Life in Television. If you came of age in the late ‘90s/early ‘00s you have Daniels (former president of The WB) to thank for greenlighting “Dawson’s Creek,” “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” and “Gilmore Girls” and convincing you that teenagers were way more clever and witty than you would ever be. And Lippman co-created “Party of Five” so you have her to thank for every time you awkwardly said “haha, like the show” when putting your name in at restaurants. Admission is free, but reservations are required. (11 a.m., FREE, all ages)

Thursday to Saturday, January 22-24 – “Bride*Widow*Hag”
Speaking of the magical medium of television, “New Girl” writer and co-producer Kim Rosenstock brings her provocative new play “Bride*Widow*Hag” to American Repertory Theater, performed by graduate students in the A.R.T. Institute for Advanced Theater Training at Harvard University. The show follows the few remaining residents of the island previously known as Long Island as it slips away into the ocean due to rising sea levels and the rest of the country makes insensitive jokes about the annoying accent disappearing with it, probably. (7:30 p.m., $20, all ages)

Photo credit: Chris Alcoran/Creative Commons


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