This year, Valentine’s Day isn’t just a day to send each other horrible greeting cards and eat candy that tastes like pulverized chalk. It’s also the tenth anniversary of the founding of YouTube.

It’s hard to imagine what any of us did with our lives before the site launched, but now it’s full of sickeningly elaborate marriage proposal videos, forcing single people to bitterly watch love blossom and causing anxiety for boyfriends everywhere whose proposal plan doesn’t include a choreographed dance.

With that in mind, what better way to commemorate the holiday most responsible for this lovey-dovey tripe and the website that hosts it by watching and laughing at some of the best marriage proposal fails?

1. Mariachi Proposal Fail

There was definite foreshadowing from the train and that’s when the world stops and stares at him for a while.

After his embarrassing moment, a documentary titled Unhung Hero emerged exploring her reason for saying no. Apparently size does matter.

2. UCLA Basketball Proposal Fail

The mascot is such a bro.

3. Half Court Proposal Fail

She probably just ran away crying happy tears.

4. Times Square Proposal Fail

Oh sweet Caroline!

5. Food Court Proposal Fail

An awkward flashmob for an awkward proposal.

6. Flashmob Proposal Fail

No Mom, I do not need this recorded.

7. Talk Show Proposal Fail

With people cheering her on, the girlfriend professes her love and proposes but her boyfriend thinks it’s a joke. She feels offended, to which he responds that he doesn’t have his life together yet and doesn’t even have a car. The girlfriend gives him her car as part of the proposal, but he clearly does not want either the car or a wedding. What was supposed to be a special moment turns into a very tense moment very quickly.

8. Elaborate Beijing Proposal Fail

Let’s get this straight; proposing after dating someone for two weeks is too soon.

9. Leap Year Proposal Fail

At least she apologized…

10. Jesus Jam Proposal Fail

Moral of the story? Never, ever propose in public.