Fulfilling the wildest dreams of ’90s enthusiasts and professional gif makers everywhere, actor Alfonso Ribeiro, aka Carlton from “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,” did his signature dance on episode four of “Dancing with the Stars” last night.

If you wanna skip the perfunctory crap at the beginning of the clip about how the character of Carlton ruined Ribeiro’s career and how he used to hate the dance, the actual dance begins at the 1:30 mark.┬áBut Riberio actually offers some interesting insights into the mind of an actor past his prime whose career is sustained by nostalgia.

“Carlton was someone I had a blast playing for six years,” Riberio says. “It was a wonderful time in my life. But it also stunted my career as an actor because I was pigeonholed as an actor based on that character.”

Ribeiro admits to hating the dance for some time, but seems to recognize that, try as he might to establish alternate career paths — any GSN fans out there? — he’s ready to commit himself to fan service.

“My number one goal this week is to please the fans, and to give America what I feel they’ve been asking for since the beginning of this show: The Carlton.”

Carlton Gif

Carlton Dancing Gif