Every comedian has been heckled at some point in their career, sometimes even after they make it big. But it’s not so often that an audience member gets the same mistreatment, which is exactly what happened at The Comedy Studio when comedian Chris Fleming took offense at a Cambridge bro’s demeanor at a recent performance.

Fleming, a Massachusetts native, just couldn’t stand to perform for such a joke and didn’t even try to start his normal routine before declaring the front row bro “a monster,” asking if he was “incubated in a fraternity.” The insults get more personal and geographically relevant when Fleming asks the man if he’s the owner of a shitty start-up, “some like rideshare thing called, like, Wigglypuff?”

The man was by no means defenseless, offering such witty comebacks as calling Fleming Carrot Top (Fleming: “He is strawberry blond, OK. Shelly Duvall if anything.”) and commenting on Fleming’s long, curly, “girly” hair. He even gets a chance at the mic, where he comes up with some kind of anal penetration joke (this guy definitely doesn’t own a startup). After almost seven minutes of railing, Fleming tries to get into his regular material when he looks up to see the same bro texting on his cell phone.

The takedown is a mile a minute. As one YouTube commenter observed, “This dude spits faster than the Gilmore Girls.” Fleming will be back in Boston in March. The first show is sold out, but you can still grab tickets to the second one. Fleming will be performing as his character Gayle Waters-Waters, the uptight neoliberal suburban mom from his YouTube series.