We already knew that cops are pretty much the coolest, hippest people around, but now the Brookline PD have proved it with their #epic use of the #TBT hashtag in the hopes of catching a man wanted for bank robbery.


Brookline police describe the man, wanted for hold-ups at Santander Bank at 487 Harvard St. and Metro Credit Union at 922 Commonwealth Ave., as a twentysomething, around 5’5, with reddish-brown hair and slight facial scruff.

As funny as it can be to laugh at the idea of cops who totes heart abbrevs and #hashtags, it’s reassuring that local law enforcement is doing its best to explore new avenues in the aid of crime-solving. And even if they only get a few ironic RTs, it’s better than nothing. And it’s certainly better than other police attempts at using social media for crime solving, like the police posing as punk-rock enthusiasts in an attempt to shut down DIY concerts and house parties.

In fact, here at BDCwire, our first thought upon reading this story was: why stop at #TBT? So for any police departments looking for new ways to bust crime online, we came up with a few helpful tweet ideas and hashtag integrations for a variety of criminal activities.


Issuing Tickets

Showing love to your bae

Drug Enforcement

Aiding the FBI and CIA in the fight against terrorism, domestic or international