Ha, look at March going out like a lamb, a stupid weak lamb, let’s make lamb chops for dinner (tomorrow’s dinner because we’re going to brine these March chops overnight to add flavor). Oh, there’s a Nor’easter coming? Whatever, you already took your shorts and tank tops out of storage so here’s where to rock them this week.

Monday, March 24 – Sexyback: or what you will
Shakespeare and N*SYNC, together at last. Oberon resident company Touch Performance Art’s one-night-only show imagines the gender-bending weirdness of “Twelfth Night” set to a soundtrack of your favorite boy bands, plus Justin Timberlake because this happened and we can’t ever let him forget it. So this is what the drama kids were doing while the cool kids were mashing up “The Wizard of Oz” with “Dark Side of the Moon” (totally works, by the way). (8 p.m., FREE, 18+)

Tuesday, March 25 – “This Old House” at Boston Design Week
The first-ever Boston Design Week continues all week with demonstrations, open houses, and cocktail receptions (most of them free, but you might have to RSVP). My pick is Tuesday’s panel with the producers and designers of the PBS series “This Old House” because I watched that show when I was a kid and it’s insane that they’re still working on the same stupid old house. (6 p.m., FREE, all ages)

Tuesday, March 25 – General Assembly launch party
General Assembly celebrates its recent move to the Innovation District with a launch party and fireside chat with Mayor Marty Walsh. On St. Patrick’s Day I was watching the 1998 classic “Southie” starring Donnie Wahlberg and Will Ahhhnett and spotted a “Walsh for State Representative” campaign sign outside a storefront. I tried to snap a pic for Twitter but couldn’t get my phone out in time. Missed out on so many RTs and favorites. (7 p.m. FREE, all ages)

Wednesday, March 26 – Temple Grandin
Harvard’s Askwith Forum welcomes the autistic animal scientist whose life story inspired the HBO movie “Temple Grandin” and the Nickelodeon game show “Legends of the Hidden Temple” (loose inspiration). (5 p.m., FREE, all ages)

Wednesday, March 26 – 26.2 Brew Fundraiser
Sam Adams debuts this year’s 26.2 Brew with a celebration at the brewery to raise funds for the ongoing support of marathon bombing survivors and their families. Ticket price includes a growler of 26.2 Brew, which I kind of think should be reserved for people who finished the marathon but I’ll give you a pass for contributing to a good cause. (6 p.m., $40, 21+)

Wednesday, March 26 – Boston Underground Film Festival
The Boston Underground Film Festival kicks off Wednesday and runs through the weekend, featuring such titles as “All Cheerleaders Die” and “The Strange Color of Your Body’s Tears,” which sound like angry emo songs, but are in fact films. Screenings take place at the Brattle Theatre, an actual underground venue, not like that “underground railroad” that was neither underground nor a railroad and just fooled third-graders who didn’t pay attention in class. (Various times, $10, ratings vary)

Wednesday, March 26 – Twitter 201: The Anatomy of a Tweet
This Boston Center for Adult Education class with Boston Tweetup’s Joselin Mane teaches tips on how to optimize your tweets for maximum exposure. Like maybe get your phone ready if you’re watching “Southie” on St. Patrick’s Day because something hashtaggable is going to happen. (7:45 p.m., $50, all ages)

Thursday, March 27 – BlastFest 7: Cheap Seats
The seventh annual spring equinox celebration from Jamaica Plain art and music collective Whitehaus Family Record wraps up with the Cheap Seats six-ring performance circus at the Cambridge YMCA. There are events Monday through Wednesday too, but this festival is so underground it’s hard to figure out the details…like you’ll click on a lot of Facebook event links that don’t work. Anyway, if you know what’s up you’ll probably figure it out. (7 p.m., $5-10, all ages)

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