A day after attorneys for Robel Phillipos claimed the friend of Boston Marathon Bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was too high to remember what lies he did or didn’t tell FBI investigators, a lighthearted joke by a Boston meteorologist has many asking whether the professional cloud-watcher was lost in a cloud of smoke.

barry burbank coffee mug


This goofy screengrab of WBZ-TV’s chief meteorologist Barry Burbank holding his coffee mug upside down sent the internet into a tizzy. After the image hit the front page of Reddit,  the viral momentum continued, even warranting mention in Jimmy Fallon’s “Tonight Show” monologue last night.


Burbank, for his part, maintains he was in on the joke.

“In the past, on some mornings I say, ‘you know my cup is always empty nobody ever puts anything my cup,’” Barry said Monday night, before the “Tonight Show” aired.

“So I said lets go on the air and I’ll have my cup turned upside down, and maybe see if people notice that the cup is upside down. They always say that my cup is always empty, not just half full or half empty, it’s always empty, so there you go, cheers.”

At this point we assume most people under 40 won’t see a local news broadcast unless it’s being mocked online, so bravo to Burbank for giving Channel 4 its brief moment in the sun. And send us an email if your weed guy is accepting new customers.