WCVB Channel 5 reporter Jack Harper is a veteran Boston newscaster. He’s been with NewsCenter 5 since 1981, and has seen plenty of winter storms. But 34 years in the news industry (or any industry for that matter) means a few more visits to the doctor.

Harper was out covering the snowstorm for Channel 5 when he told anchors a fun little medical tidbit: He was having a colonoscopy later in the week.

“Keeps coming down, Heather. You know I’m having a colonoscopy later in the week and I’m actually looking forward to it. Could be the highlight of my week the way it’s going.”

A colonoscopy is a totally natural thing for a man Harper’s age, but it’s also totally too much information for a local newscast. Then again, with the largest 7-day snowfall total in Massachusetts history and an MBTA system that is pretty much 100% broken, who can blame him?