Fresh on the heels of Boston approving its first medical marijuana dispensary, Maine police arrested a Boston man with a veritable mobile marijuana dispensary in the trunk of his car.

oleg mug

Police in Auburn, Maine arrested Boston man Oleg Spektorov, 29, when officers smelled “an overwhelming odor of marijuana” after pulling him over for non-functioning tail lights. Upon searching his car, police found 41.6 pounds of marijuana, as well as hashish and tools to make hash oil, according to CBS Boston.

According to police, Spektorov claimed he was a medical marijuana caregiver, though with that much weed on hand, he must have been providing care to a herd of elephants with glaucoma.

Spektorov was released on a bail of $25,000, or 875 new pairs of tail lights. Let that be a lesson to weed traffickers in Maine: Don’t drive with broken tail lights, and don’t leave a stolen car full of medical marijuana in a school parking lot.

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[h/t CBS Boston]